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We have gained 7 years experience in mobile and browser games, we will suggest the most optimal development plan based on all our experience. Game engineering on cross-platform engine UNITY, which enables us to create a product of high quality for all sorts of platforms.
Full cycle of projects development, including the development of Sites and Server Systems.
We cooperate with the major studios great at art part of the project, hold a profound trends and directions analysis, the psychology of the user is taken into consideration and leads to the creation of the fittest high-quality art and well-planned interface.
We develop complex marketing programmes, designed to reach your and our targets and foremost maximum ROI. Despite the strategy you would like to adhere and carry out (whether you wish to make a splash to launch the app or just to expand your clients base on the constant longterm basis) - we do have skills, experience, creativity, and necessary resources to make it true.


We are not just looking for customers, we are looking for partners with cool ideas, courageous leaders who are ready to create a global idea!

We value each of our clients, we value every product that we create. And we do it so that every dollar brings ten dollars!


– This is a global team which is ready to turn the world upside down, which is definitely ready to release ambitious projects. It’s a big company, the fundamental base of which is an efficient approach to all spheres, which results into new reached tops, beneficially affects partner’s business, changing and building up new integrations and web solutions, this business is designated to impact and head each sphere

Dmitriy Suponev

– The company has as its core a set of main principles, such as honesty, reliability, faith, charity and a wish to change the world for better, systemize all solutuions, provide an analytical approach to business and community which surrounds the products and projects which the company releases.

Igor Belov

– The company is big enough to act on a global scale, simultaneously it’s individual enough, in order to enable each partner, client, employee to find his or her place, fulfill a dream, implement and integrate the ideas, feel secure and surrounded by professional team which is so into its business and is ready to take the plunge.

Juliya Suponeva
Co-Founder & Director of Business Development

– It’s a company where the growth and education for everyone, in which the coworkers/visioners of the world class bring up and supervise new generation of the talented partners and employees, leaders, who are willing to change the world and keep to contemporary technology tendencies in various fields.

Sergey Dmitrenok


Management Center London

Development Center Ukraine

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