Development of mobile applications from prototype to product.

We have 10 years of mobile app development experience. We develop what you need! We also have extensive product experience and expertise in more than two hundred released applications, which allows us to create what your client or business needs.

UA/UX Design for your project the most difficult tasks!

For IOS and Android

  • Research and strategy
  • Visual UI design and interaction
  • Prototyping
  • Testing and improvements

Development of financial/technical processes!

And security systems

  • Development of e-Commerce online stores
  • Audit of e-Commerce online stores
  • Store migration to platform
  • Integrations with 3-rd party systems
  • Continuous integration and Continuous deployment

Mobile apps for iOS and Android!

The whole range of services

  • Native or cross-platform mobile application development
  • MVP development
  • Complex development with 3-party integrations
  • Applications with Augmented Reality features
  • Apps with wearables and smart home products integration

Enterprise software, ERP and CRM solutions

For project management

  • REST API Development
  • Design and Build Microservices with reliable messaging
  • High load systems
  • Continuous integration and Continuous deployment

Technology map

We don’t just code but help our Clients simplify application landscape as well as consult on strategic technology stack.



Database & Search Technologies


iOS, Android, Xamarin, Flutter, Unity

PHP, .NET, HTML5, CSS3, Angular, JSReact, JQuery, ASP.NET, MVC

MS SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Hadoop, Pig, Hive, HBase, Cassandra

Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Docker

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50+ million application installations


We are not just looking for customers, we are looking for partners with cool ideas, courageous leaders who are ready to create a global idea!

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We have!

We are not just looking for customers, we are looking for partners with cool ideas, courageous leaders who are ready to create a global idea!


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